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Rental Property &
Food Truck Inspections

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Rental Mechanical Inspections

Rental Mechanical Inspections

If you own or manage a rental property, you understand the importance of a well-maintained heating, cooling, and ventilation system.


A properly functioning HVAC system keeps tenants happy, enhances energy efficiency and equipment longevity, and saves you money on utilities and repairs. Regular inspections can help catch any HVAC issues early and ensure your buildings are safe and comfortable.

Cleaning the Filters
hvac maintenance

Our typical process during a mechanical inspection involves the following steps:

  • Check/replace furnace filter

  • Carbon monoxide reading

  • Test safety controls such as limit(s) and pressure switches

  • Ensure HVAC equipment meets code requirements

At Jewett Heating & Cooling
we’ve been serving landlords and commercial clients since 2001.

Contact us to schedule an inspection or set up a regular maintenance plan.

Food Trucks Inspections

Food trucks are an exciting way to share your culinary creations with the world. But you’ll need an efficient HVAC system to ensure food safety and quality and to keep your employees and staff comfortable. Storing food at the wrong temperature can cause it to spoil or foster bacteria, and working in a hot, enclosed space without proper ventilation is a miserable experience.


The experienced team at Jewett Heating and Cooling can provide regular comprehensive inspections to support your food truck venture.

We’ll ensure your mobile kitchen complies with all Fire Department regulations and other guidelines.

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